Lance Camera Straps is a family-owned American company that offers high quality handmade camera straps. Started in 2012 by a street photography enthusiast, Lance wanted a camera strap that is perfect for long hours of photography walk.

Lance Camera Straps features braided leather and cord/rope camera straps (wrist straps and neck straps) with add-on strap accessories. Unlike bulky camera straps and cord straps that are similar in design, Lance Camera Straps offers high quality camera straps that have simple and stylish, yet durable, look that are affordable to all camera users. With different strap attachments and add-on strap accessories, the camera straps can be mounted in various configurations to a full range of cameras from Leica M, Fuji X, Micro 4/3rds, rangefinders, point-and-shoots, all the way to small-size DSLRs.