String Loop Non-adjust


The String Loop Non-adjust, with the String Loop Wrist, offers the convenience for users to interchange between straps by easily detaching the side clips. The string loops let users hold their camera comfortably without affecting grip. Use the strap as a replacement to the String Loop Wrist by interchanging it as a neck strap and wrist strap combo. Besides aesthetics, the black rubber rings tighten the spliced ends of the strap. They are of high-grade material with glossy finish and are weather resistant.

Strap lengths: 36in, 42in, 48in, custom
Strap measurement: End-to-end of string loop threads
Cord diameter: 8mm
Cord material: Premium polyester
Cord colors: Black, red, burgundy, olive green, dark blue
Ring color: Black
Connector type: 1.5mm string loops

Cord color
Strap length
Custom strap length