Quick Connect Non-adjust


The Quick Connect Non-adjust is a versatile, all-in-one strap. Partnered with the Quick Connect Wrist, both straps can be interchanged by easily unbuckling the quick connect hook attachments. The strap is sturdy enough to handle small mirrorless cameras, all the way to larger DSLR setups. One quick connect hook itself can handle at least 40lbs of static weight, as shown on the durability test. Although non-adjustable, it can be worn in various ways: around the neck, across the body, on the shoulder or wrapped around the hand as a wrist strap. The strap comes with two 16mm split rings.

Strap lengths: 36in, 42in, 48in, custom
Strap measurement: End-to-end of quick connect hooks
Cord diameter: 8mm
Cord material: Premium polyester
Cord colors: Black, red, burgundy, olive green, dark blue
Ring color: Black
Connector type: Nickel-plated quick connect hooks

Cord color
Strap length
Custom strap length