Adjustable Neck Strap


The adjustable feature of a neck strap is very convenient when users want a specific length they prefer while shooting in the field. The Adjustable Neck Strap can be worn in various ways. The strap is made from two spliced cords that have been combined together. Adjust the strap by sliding and pulling both sides. The top portion of the strap can be used as a padding, made specifically for users with heavier cameras. Besides aesthetics, the black rubber rings tighten the spliced ends of the strap. They are of high-grade material with glossy finish and are weather resistant.

Strap length: Regular (32-50in)
Strap measurement: End-to-end of spliced cords
Cord diameter: 8mm
Cord material: Premium polyester
Cord colors: Black, red, burgundy, olive green, dark blue
Ring color: Black
Connector type: 19mm stainless steel split rings

Cord color
Strap length